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Here we have the concept of a "friends list". By adding other users to your friends list, you can easily keep track of what is going on in their lives from your friends page. Friends aren't limited by individuals, you can add communities and syndicated feeds to your friends list as well.


Invite a Friend
Invite a friend to create a AdultBlogs account
Edit Friends
Add, edit, or remove users from your friends list.

In addition, subgroups of friends can be specified.
Edit Custom Friends Groups
Create, edit, or delete sub groups of your friends.

These friend groups can be used to filter your friends list: you can pick a specific friend group to view.
Friends Filter
Filter your friends list according to specific sub groups.
Nudge a Friend
Nudge a mutual friend who hasn't posted recently to let them know that you want to hear from them.

Your friends list is also used for posts with restricted access.

  • With "Friends-Only" posts, all of the other users on your friends list can view your post.
  • With "Custom" posts, you can specify which friend groups can view your post.
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