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"for now" "fuck off" "hey move!" "i guess red's in this season" "i've got you" "i've got you" "my mom's making me-paint-her-nails" #goechlinproblems (+44) **december 24th 2007 **february 2nd 2008 *mycroft ruffles greg's hair* 02/02/08 04/20/09 05/31/09 07/09/09 09/12/09 0x9 = 9 20 questions 50 times in a week (not) 9.2.11 a plethora acdc actual alpha adam copeland adult adult swim aerosmith alcohol alice cooper alistairmaclean alkaline trio amateur ghost hunting american dad american pie 1 amy dumas anal anal sex and sex angels & airwaves animals anime april 16th 2008 april 24th 1998 art arts ashley massaro audrey hepburn august 22nd 2008 aurora rose australiaaaa autumn baaaaaaaaaby baby baby baby babybear and kittenface bach baseball baseball hats basketball bass guitar battle scars bdsm beauty beethoven being attached at the hip being engaged fucking finally being in love being in love being really clingy being woken up by notifs berlin best friends big daddy biking billy madison black hawk down black sabbath bleach blink 182 bob dylan bodybuilding bon jovi bondage books borat boston bow to the queen boys brad paisley brand new break dancing brock lesnar buffy the vampire slayer bullet for my valentine camming camping candles cartoons cats chanel chaos charlie haas cheese cherry coke chicago chocolate chris irvine chris jericho christy hemme cigarettes clever classy and cum clubs cocks coffee coldplay comedy comment wars compassion computers concerts cooking cream creedence clearwater revival cry_wolf csi cuddling cum cunt me in dancing date movie dating david bowie daydreaming december 24th 2007 deep purple def leppard delicious depeche mode depressing drunks derek jeter desmond bagely dirty dancing diy (aka doitforme) piercings documentaries on netflix dodgeball dogs dom/sub domination donnie darko dopen dorama drawing drinking driving dvds eddie izzard edge eighty million pounds of muscle elvis emery erotic art everyday evolution exciteulating exercise facebook faith no more fall out boy family family guy fantasy fashion february 2nd 2008 february 2nd always february 6th 2008 fetish fetishes fight club first kisses fishing fleetwood mac foo fighters food football forced forever forever being more than a word fork and spoon freaky the snowman and the-train-horn french culture friends fuck the dc games fucking fun futurama gardening gay george orwell - 1984 ghost world gia carangi girlfriend girls gmorning baby gohan and videl going insane gore grand funk railroad graphics green tea gregory house guitar guns n' roses guys gwen stefani gymnastics happy gilmore harry potter having a family someday hear 'n aid heart hello kitty hellogoodbye hiking history hope horror horror movies is timeless human identity i give supple i love you times infinity i love yous ian dover icons idie/idied if you wanna i might intelligence internet interpol inxs ipod iron maiden j.r.r. tolkien jack higgins jackass jaj + njj forever january 13th 2008 january 5th 2008 japan japanese jared padalecki jasper and alice jay reso jeff hardy jefferson airplane to starship jensen ackles jetjethro tull jevin jimi hendrix joel turner joey mercury john cena johnny nitro jonsen and padaylecki joseph heller - catch-22 judas priest k kathy reichs keith urban kink kinky kiss kittens kittycakes kurt angle laguna beach late night ahs viewings laughing led zeppelin leeches lesbian lesbians lindsay lohan lingerie linkin park little nicky livejournal lord of the rings lords of dogtown love mai kuraki making love manga mark hoppus marylin manson massachusetts massages matt hardy meatloaf meet the fockers meet the parents meeting new people men metallica micheal jackson mickie james midnight oil mine mjk mlb models monopoly monty python's holy grail motley crue mount laundry movie movies mozart mp3s mtv multiple pictures of wet paper bags music musicals mutual lifeline tracing :-( my baby my bed my better half my blessing in disguise my chemical romance my first everything my one and only significant other my whole life mythology napoleon dynamite never condoms never november 25th 2008 new york new york city nfl nickelback nintendo nirvana no doubt no more i word no more problems no sleep no boundaries not "girls" not alien babies not another teen movie not being separated not children not jemi or nelena not my imagination not name-calling typos not ominous talks not premature exciteulations not sharing with pets not sleeping alone not yoohoos november 26th 2008 cause of kissyface numb lips nuzzling oasis ohio valley wrestling olivia lufkin only and always you oooh dat's hot oral ovw ozzy osbourne panic! 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