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a123456777 ([info]a123456777) wrote,
@ 2011-10-10 09:40:00

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You want to avoid
You want to avoid 'hot spots': areas where makeup is thicker than the surrounding areas. Use your eye as a guide and watch the color, not the makeup. You'll know when you have the right tone because it will look fantastic. It is possible to use a sponge to cover up any spots but you can also do this with short bursts of the airgun. When you do this make sure you release the trigger before pulling away.mac cosmetics wholesale Otherwise you'll have excess makeup where it shouldn't be. Many,Mac Cosmetics Wholesale Lot many people make the mistake of squinting when they apply airbrush makeup. Never do this. Although it is wise to keep your eyes closed when spraying around the eye area, if you squint you will create wrinkles and the makeup will build up around them making them look a lot worse. Don't forget to blend the neck so you don't have an odd contrast with the rest of your foundation. Luckily this is very easy to do with airbrush makeup as you can create a seemless transition because you are applying makeup with a fine mist. When you first try the airbrush foundation makeup, test it first on the back of your hand or on a tissue. Do this also when you are mixing colors. That way you'll always be confident you have the right tone. Remember: trust your own eye and observe the tonal changes. You are the best judge. If you are not feeling confident then start with light bronze colors. They are the most forgiving makeup tones and the best to work with when you are just starting out. Once you feel ready, you can start getting adventurous with the multitude of airbrush makeup colors available.Mac Brushes Many systems come with guides and stencils too, so you don't need to do everything freehand. Don't ever get discouraged. Most good airbrush makeup kits come with instructional DVDs and there are plenty of people out there in the airbrush makeup community happy to help. There are several short courses you can attend and some of these will even give you a large discount on your airbrush makeup kit if you purchase it through them. There are many inspirational videos online and plenty of how-to guides.

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