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a123456777 ([info]a123456777) wrote,
@ 2011-10-10 09:47:00

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Did they hop
Did they hop in the tanning beds or go for heavy airbrush tanning? Nope! And you know what? They still look hot.
Red lipstick during the day is a faux pas. Even though this is a tip for everyone and not just brunettes,Lip Gloss With 15 Colors I decided to throw it in. Bright red lips during the day are usually a bit too shocking on everyone else's eyes. Tone it down a little. Just because you have dark hair and red lips look outstanding with it, you don't have to wear it all the time. If you love red too much to let it go, opt for a gloss version. It's sheerer and juicy, not scandalous.
Sport the ruby lips if you wish! Don't wear bold reds during the day but matte wine lipsticks can look fine for daytime wear if you keep your eye makeup muted and your hair's on the darker end of the brunette spectrum.
Wear brown shadow: Brown shadow looks good with all hair colors and eye colors. It works especially well with brunettes because it ties their face and hair into one complete picture. Added bonus: it makes blue eyes really stand out (try bronze for blue eyes!).
Skip the brown and be different! Of all the hair colors out there, brown haired girls can get away with the most palettes. If your eyes are brown, you can wear any color of eyeshadow available. With more flamboyant colors, you stand out in a crowd. You may even get labeled as the fashion queen at your workplace. And that's never an insult.
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In this article you can find tips on eye makeup for brown eyes. Locating tips and advise on eye makeup for brown eyes is easy but many of them are not as helpful as they shuld be. So here are some useful tips on how to enhance the color of your brown eyes by correctly using eye makeup.
If you have brown eyes you will want to use eye makeup products that are of the best colors to enhance your eyes and also textures and patterns that best go with brown eyes.
As for any eye color makeup for brown eyes is unique in many ways and so you should definitely take into consideration the color of your eyes when shopping for and applying eye makeup.
Brown eyed girls some times feel their eye color is the most ordinary. This may be so but the advantages of brown eyes in terms of make up are huge. Brown eyed girls have the biggest variety of eye makeup colors and shades to choose from and so the highest range of looks they can wear. Don't feel shortchanged, brown eyes are gorgeous and easy to enhance using makeup.
Brown eyes are definitely the best when it comes to makeup. They don't clash with anything.Mac Makeup Wholesale Brown eyed girls can wear any color and get away with it.

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