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a123456777 ([info]a123456777) wrote,
@ 2011-10-11 09:08:00

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They don't clash with anything
They don't clash with anything.Mac Makeup Wholesale Brown eyed girls can wear any color and get away with it.
You can find great tips and video tips on the web. Even though brown eyes match everything there are some shadows that really bring out the brown in your eyes giving you a more sexy and attractive look.
The way to find best eye shadow for you is by trial and error until you find the shades that best match your skin tone.
Adding depth and enhancing brown eyes can generally be achieved using bold colors such as purple,Lip Gloss Ladygaga metallic blues, cool blues and greens. Most eye shadow colors are possible for eyemakeup for brown eyes.
If you have large eyelids make sure not to use too much eye shadow and drowning your eyes. Sometimes less is more.
Don't be afraid to go for wild looks (on suitable occasions) using complementary colors. Try metallic or cool blues and also purples to give brown eyes more depth. This is very dramatic with the smoky eye look.
Champagne or bronze will do nicely for a sophisticated afternoon look.
Take your time when exploring the range of colors displayed at department stores.
You will probably find a brown shade similar to espresso , violet, purple, taupe, gray metallic purple.
The most popular shades for brown eyes available at the moment are:
Mac Lip Gloss espresso offers a brown tone that will always enhance those shiny and deep brown eyes.
It is a good idea to own a wide range kit of eye shadow colors as you will find you can use many of them for make up for brown eyes. This way you can be creative.

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