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a123456777 ([info]a123456777) wrote,
@ 2011-10-13 11:59:00

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As I said
As I said, Carrie has a new twist of a smoky eye look. After applying an eye base, like Elizabeth Arden Eyefix, pop a mid to deep brown shadow, deepened on your skin tone, on the lids extending it beyond the socket line. I like Bobbi Brown or Mac Eyeliner for their wide selection of shades. Extending the shadow is the key to an open sexy smoky eye look. Define the shape and create more depth with dark brown gel liner,mac cosmetics cheap like my Chocolate Mousse or Maybelline's NEW Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Brown applied along the base of the top and bottom lashes. I love gel liners because not only can you create definition and drama to the eyes but you can blur the line giving the eyes that smudginess. Next take a black eye pencil, like Benefit's BadGal Pencil and line the inner rim of your eyes. Add a touch of ivory shadow to highlight under the arch of the brows. Finish with lots of volume building mascara,Mac Brushes such as L'Oreal Paris NEW Volume Million Lashes and a few individual false lashes.
Keep the cheeks soft and fresh with a flush of apricot/peach blush applied to the apples of the cheeks. If you haven't got Carrie's chiselled cheeks then sweep a little bronzer under your cheek bones and watch them pop out.

The secret to an even complexion is using the perfect concealer cosmetics check out the Ariane Poole concealer make up today. For lots more information and to see some of the products featured in this get the look visit smoky eye look make up by Ariane Poole.

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2012-02-12 02:25 pm UTC (link)
I90yIk Yeah, it is clear now !... Just can not figure out how often do you update your blog?!...

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2012-03-13 01:51 am UTC (link)
Sounds like it might be a sty, which is an bacterial ifioctnen of an eyelash follicle. You can wet a tea bag and place it over your eye as a home remedy, or a warm moist cloth to lessen the swelling. They usually go away after a week or two, but if it becomes too big or painful, you might want to see a doctor about some antibiotics.(Sties usually aren't as big as they show in the pictures on google images, most are fairly tiny bumps usually right on the inside edge of your eyelid. My eye never got red or swollen, just a very painful tiny bump. While leaving your mascara on might cause some irritation, I don't think It would cause something like that, but if you're still unsure see a doctor, they'll know best) Good Luck Hun =)

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2012-03-13 10:35 am UTC (link)
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2012-03-13 03:58 pm UTC (link)
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2012-03-14 07:06 pm UTC (link)
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2012-03-16 05:50 pm UTC (link)
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2012-05-20 10:17 pm UTC (link)
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