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a123456777 ([info]a123456777) wrote,
@ 2011-10-15 10:08:00

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Safe Organic and Natural
Safe Organic and Natural Kids Play Makeup Sets

When you're little, getting clean is the last reason to take a bath. Just ask any kid coated in ice cream scented bath bubbles. Transform tub time from a requisite chore to an aquatic adventure with the right all natural beauty products. Need some help separating the best suds from the duds?

Below,Lip Gloss Ladygaga our picks for the best all-natural bath buys:

Kids will go nuts for Yummy Ice Cream Bubble Bath. It's free of all yucky toxins, lathers up into big, bouncy bubbles, and isn't tested on animals. Oh,Venomous Villains Lipgolss and it smells like a sundae.

Planet Kid Floating Soaps, made with cocoa oil, smell like yummy banana taffy and bobble at the surface. Yes, they float! No more cases of lost, sinking soap.
Tiny Bubbles Foaming Bath comes in a super,Lip Gloss With 15 Colors squeeze-friendly pink bottle and is another all-natural bubble bath that promises loads of entertainment. Lavish your little one in coconut bubbles scented lightly with calming Linden blossom.
Rub a dub dub, enjoy your all-natural tub!
And when your little girl is all squeaky clean you can be sure she's getting only the most natural Kids Make Up with our organic play make up sets.
My little Green Bean is a girly girl. She's a rough-n-tumble gal too,Cheap Mac Makeup don't get me wrong. But that doesn't stop her from loving tutus, Mommy's jewelry, and fashion. ("I like that combination, Mommy," came out of her mouth, I kid you not. This from a 4-year-old.)

Needless to say, Green Bean's a mall rat in the making. When we go shopping, she loves to look at all the pretty things,Mac makeup and even has her very own favorite store. Yes, Claire's tops the list of destinations when Green Bean is about. And while I'm happy to (periodically) indulge her desire for a fuzzy pink hair clip or ballerina necklace, I was horrified (but not surprised) when I looked at the ingredients on the girls play makeup kits and lip glosses and found the dreaded P word. That's right. Parabens. Paired with synthetic dyes,Mac Hello Kitty and a bunch of other chemicals.

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