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ad fendi ([info]adfendi) wrote,
@ 2012-03-15 10:35:00

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Entry tags:borse fendi

Fendi has selected both fashion claims
Everything began in 1925, when Edoardo and Adele Fendi opened up a little leather and fur store using its own workshop in Via del Plebiscito in the heart of Rome. The company blossomed, along with a new shop was opened up in Via Piave in 1932. By 1946 Paola, 15, the oldest from the couple's five kids, began for that firm, then her siblings Carla, Anna, Franca, and Alda. borse fendi prezzi The very best materials get into best of luck within the Fendi line.

The leathers, canvas and jeans for that outside would be the finest available. Textures in velvet and satin are very soft and splendid to touch. Each handbag is hands stitched to exacting standards by master artists with many years of experience. The metal clasps and zips happen to be designed not only to give each bag a unique look but to last a long time useful. Perforations have returned! A minimum of in the home of Fendi they're. This time around around, they arrive by having an unusual presentation. A few season's back, we had the handbag inside a handbag trend, a method fond towards the peculiar bagista.

This year, Fendi has selected both fashion claims and merged them together to produce the B Great Perforated Bag . Ideas It initially brought to mind the http://www.fendisitoufficiale.net Dooney & Bourke Florentine Collection using its vintage leather body, embroidered front patch and it is dangling tassels gave off that impression too. In 1997, the creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi produces the legendary 'Baguette Bag'. The handbag rapidly turns into a fashion cult object, with females around the globe seeking it as being a collector's item. A couple of years later, the company ongoing to grow its reaches and opened up its flagship stores in Paris and London. In 2007, the company boasted the premiere and sole fashion show atop the truly amazing Wall of China.

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