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autosuma ([info]autosuma) wrote,
@ 2015-02-14 09:33:00

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Entry tags:autel tpms ts401, maxidiag elite md802

Car paint repair in perspective
Car paint repair in perspective
There is no doubt about the fact that it is very much easy to repair your car paint chips and scratches if you have the required tools and follow the laid down instructions. The fact of the matter is that the chip or scratch could go into four layers which include metal,primer,paint and clear coat. You would have to make use of varying car paint repair techniques depending on how deep the scratch is. Therefore before you ever begin the repair make sure you have washed the vehicle. Auto soap has to be used because it is specially designed to take out all wax and grease to wash the area that is scratched. When you are also able to determine how serious the scratch is autel tpms ts401,it would go a long way to assist you select the requisite products and is very easy to fix the car when the damage is only on the clear coat. For this one all that you need is very good quality rubbing compound. After this you have to apply some polishing compound for paint protections and shine which must be finished off with wax. When it comes to the medium scratches,it means that the scratch went into the paint but there is no damage to the primer. With this one the car paint repair would be done by first sanding the area with a good sanding paper. After the area is smooth,you can then apply some touch up paint inside the layers. You however have to ensure that each layer of paint has enough time to dry. The fact of the matter is that each of the paints has their own time for drying. This should be taken into consideration to ensure a good car paint repair. After the paint is dry,you can then apply a clear coat. A polishing compound can then be applied before applying wax a month are times when you would have deep scratches on your car paint and as such this would also have to be repaired MaxiDiag Elite MD802. For this particular one,you have to check if there is rust. Thereafter you can sand it with sanding paper that is lower grit and then smoothen it out with fine grit. This should prepare the surface for the application of the primer. The primer is applied for car paint repair in order to make sure that any successive layers of the paint conform properly to the surface. You have to apply like two to three layers of the primer by letting each layer have enough time to dry. After this you can sand it with like 600 grit paper when the primer is dry. You can then apply some paint which should take like some few hours to it is very easy to do a car paint repair even at home. You however need the right instructions,product and a good weather to help you do it.

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