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cheapsaleee ([info]cheapsaleee) wrote,
@ 2014-03-24 13:50:00

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cheap michael kors and envelope styling make this bag
Five promotional conference bags for the budget conscious

Promotional conference bags are a necessary expense for most conference and exhibition events.If you're operating on a tight budget, your choices may be limited by price, but there are still a number of excellent options that will deliver your message.Here are five stylish, low cost options for promotional conference bags when your budget is tight.

Portland conference bags the budget choice

Among the lowest price ranges of promotional printed conference bags, the portland bag is a stylish choice made of nylon.This highly popular conference bag features a generous print area that takes color well, and a reinforced handle to give the bag years of service.Reinforced seams cheap michael kors and envelope styling make this bag a popular alternative to canvas tote sacks that cost about the same or even more.

Deal promotional conference bags style at a low price

An outstanding value in a number of color choices, the deal range of conference bags is made of polyester and features a zippered closure and mesh business card holder on the rear.It's available in a number of color choices, including black with red, blue or yellow accents so that you can color coordinate your conference bags with your choice of print color for the logo.Reinforced handle tabs and seam stitching ass to the durability of this conference bag in the under 2 price range.

Fair conference bags sleek style and low cost

The fair range of promotional conference bags features sleek styling with contrast colors at the top and handle of the bag.These document style polyester conference bags feature a zippered outside pocket in addition to the roomy interior and are the perfect size to double as a laptop carry case.The cost is extremely reasonable just inside the 2 per item range when you order in conference quantity.

Economy promotional conference bags the ultimate budget buster

The economy range of promotional conference bags features boxy styling, cheapichaelorag a generous print area on the front flap and an adjustable shoulder strap.It's a very low cost option that features great style and high function.Available in black or blue, colors that show of nearly any business logo to their best advantage.

Diablo promotional conference bags colorful low cost styling

The diablo conference bag is one of the most popular and versatile low cost options of all conference bags.Quality crafted in 70d polyester, the diablo features multiple pockets, a printable envelope flap and velcro closures.It includes both a reinforced carrying handle and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap.The diablo is especially popular because it is available in a wide assortment of bright colors and color combinations including black with red, royal blue, green, yellow and orange, as well as black, grey, navy, green, red and white.The numerous colors available make it easy to choose conference bags that fit your conference, match your school colors or simply suit your chosen color scheme.At just over 2, it fits into the economy range of promotional conference bags.

If you require additional information on conference bags or business promotional items, promotional gifts and promotional products then check out the leading expert suppliers online where you can make massive savings.

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