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cheapsaleee ([info]cheapsaleee) wrote,
@ 2014-04-11 09:57:00

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christian louboutin online Boxing Shoe Japanese
3 christian louboutin online Boxing Shoe

Japanese cult designer yohji yamamoto collaboration with adidas, aptly named y 3 for both the artist himself and the famed three stripe logo, has redefined athletic shoes.Unlike other designer commercial brand ventures, yamamoto was given full license to create the line.This athletic shoe is as sleek and sophisticated as an athletic shoe could be.The patent leather piping and detailing on the toe and tongue manages to keep things bright and shiny during otherwise tough times.

Yamamoto name delicately emblazoned in white lets everyone know that y 3 boxing shoes are no ordinary adidas sneaker.He basically schooled cheeky sport shoes with etiquette classes.The result is an athletic shoe so refined and cool that, ironically, you would feel guilty doing anything athletic in it.The adidas y 3 boxing shoes almost seem more at home in the (More Here) office than on the outfield.As luck would have it, this spring is all about getting dressed up by dressing down, and these shoes arrived just in time to ride the trend wave.But don think you can wear those gnarly nike airs from the gym with your suit to work.That y 3 territory.

Yamamoto spared no expense.Luxurious materials like patent leather piping, grained leather and suede interior are balanced with practical coated leather and a white rubber outsole.For the 99% of guys who are new to the world of patent leather, it like designer plastic.The shoe construction also maintains all of the lightweight flexibility of a traditional sneaker.Now, it just comes in a prettier package.That should make the commute to work and happy hour drinks just a little bit, well, happier.

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