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dennisabra ([info]dennisabra) wrote,
@ 2014-03-17 11:12:00

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Sales Training from the Ghostbusters Replica Movado watches
Daniel Sitter

Picture this scene from the 1984 smash comedy movie from Columbia Pictures, Ghostbusters: Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, aka… the Ghostbusters, are involved in a heated meeting with the Mayor and the Head of the local environmental agency. The city is in shambles because a legion of evil spirits has invaded and is currently wreaking havoc and chaos throughout the land. The perplexed Mayor feels that these Ghostbusters may be his only chance at saving the city, although he is not altogether convinced. Conversely, the Agency Head wants these Ghostbusters arrested and jailed for fraud.

Bill Murray’s character then presents the best sales presentation and close that has ever been written into a movie script! He proceeds to outline Replica Chopard watches what has occurred in the city thus far and paints a vivid picture of what is yet to come, which happens to be far more horrible that anything that has happened thus far. The Agency Head then presents his argument, one that unfortunately does not provide a solution to their immediate problem, demanding that the Ghostbusters be arrested and thrown in jail. The Mayor, aware that his very soul and Mayoral term may be at stake, is faced with making a decision that will impact the current dismal situation. As both sides present their cases, he pensively thinks and studies the demanding, expressive faces of those in his chamber. What is he to do?

It is at this point that Murray’s character delivers the most incredible closing statement, one that should be a pivotal component in the curriculum at every sales training facility and secondary school. He states, “Mr. Mayor, if you retain our services and permit us to do our job, you will personally be responsible for saving the lives of Replica Movado watches millions of registered voters!” Of course, the Mayor chooses the Ghostbusters, orders the Agency Head removed from his office, and proceeds to set the tone for the remainder of the movie.

Murray and Aykroyd’s presentation and close incorporate so many classic techniques that often escape salespeople while presenting to their qualified prospects. I say qualified prospects because they were already in front of the decision maker, stating their case. They were not wasting their time presenting their solutions to the wrong person, incapable of making Replica Movado watches the decision that they were looking for. How many times do we make stellar presentations and wonder why the order has not arrived yet? Making an outstanding presentation of the features, advantages and benefits to the actual decision maker, then asking for a buying decision is paramount to a successful sale. This is why there are salespeople.

Their competitor, the Agency Head, was also in front of the decision maker, but he failed to keep in mind what was important to the Mayor. He was presenting what was important to him at the time. Does that Replica PARMIGIANI FLEURIER Watches sound familiar? How often are salespeople guilty of removing their focus from the buyer and his needs, only to focus on “what’s in this sale for me?” Zig Ziglar states it so eloquently when he says “You can <

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