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dennisabra ([info]dennisabra) wrote,
@ 2014-04-21 10:05:00

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Students Were Reading Poetry to Their Families Even if They Did Not Attend the Coffeehouses Jaeger L
Desiree was another student who did not tell her mother about the coffeehouses because she thought lat her mother was too busy and stressed.It's not the fact that she's lazy. She's stressed out. I know that's the best time to write.... And then she's busy and when she's home, I'm not home. When she does get home, my mother sleeps. There's not time to explain it to her. Desiree reflected the concern that students have when they see their parents working hard and holding down several Jaeger LeCoultre Watches jobs. Indicating that it was hard for her to communicate with her mother because of her and her mom's busy schedule, she also Omega Replica Watches() recognizes her responsibility for providing her mother with information about school events. Desiree further reflected on her role, as well as the role of other students like her, of relaying information between the school Jaeger LeCoultre Watches and her mother:Desiree: They tell us ahead of time and people are forgetting and they having all these other activities. They finally tell their parents at the last minute and their parents can't come.Me:Is that something you do? Or is that something that other people in the class do?Desiree: Me. And it seems like other people do that, too. Because we would tell them that there's a coffeehouse tonight, can you stay?Desiree demonstrates how adolescents discourage families from becoming involved by not providing information on school functions (Walker et al., 2005). In essence, Desiree acknowledged that she was a main factor in the contact between Replica Tissot Watches her mother and the school. Despite the fact that the teacher employed various methods such as phone calls or letters sent via postal mail, Desiree's comments allude to the idea that parents may not receive information about the coffeehouses because their children are intercepting communication and making decisions not to extend invitations.Hector and Desiree had determined that their parents had too many responsibilities in their daily life to attend the coffeehouses. Certainly family demands also affect whether a parent could attend a particular school function (Cassity & Harris, 2000). These two students illustrated how adolescents can act as gatekeepers and were deliberate in portraying Replica Longines Watches their mothers in a positive light and explaining their rationale for not inviting them to the coffeehouse. Desiree and Hector took on the responsibility of choosing activities for their families to attend Tag Heuer Replica Watches() at school. However, if we consider the impact of invisible strategies, this program still might be deemed successful. There was evidence that many of the students were reading poetry to their families even if they did not attend the coffeehouses. Even though this study does not have the data to analyze the impact of the invisible strategies, it is evident that students were receiving support in various ways.

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