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dennisabra ([info]dennisabra) wrote,
@ 2014-05-27 21:43:00

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Marc-Jacobson Celine Luggage Phantom

There are so many good fashion and handbag Designers, it has been difficult to know who I should include in my short series, but American born Marc Jacobs is an obvious ! I have integrated Louis Vuitton as Marc worked there.Marc JacobsBorn in 1963 in New York, Jacobs showed a flair for design from a very early age. Jacobs was encouraged by his parents ending in his Father enrolling him in the New York High School of Art. The School later became world renowned as the Parsons School of Design. At Parsons his promise continued and it was here he developed his major award winning style, including Design Student of the YearPerry Ellis Design house was the start of Jacobs career leading to his appointment as Creative Director at Louis Vuitton. This gained Marc the international recognition he enjoys today.He launched his own brand in 2000 - Marc by Marc Jacobs - including the prestigious Marc Jacobs handbag which was instant success. Jacobs joined forces with Christy Turlington in 2002 to design a Yoga bag that was to benefit Cancer Charities.Opening his own Design House and boutiques worldwide, Marc continues to maintain a singular style displaying a sophistication that never sways with changing trends. Acknowledged for their fashion forward edginess and their defining for the woman who prides herself on distinction.Louis Vuitton:Louis Vuiton was born in the Jura in France in 1821. His training as a luggage packer lead to Celine Luggage Phantom his appointment as packer to the Empress Eugenie by Napoleon.It was this training and experience of packing that gave Louis the idea that he should design luggage and handbags for the travelling elite.His earliest designs included flat luggage to stack in railway carriages: such was the popularity of his designs, that his rivals soon began imitating them.He formed his own Company in 1854 creating the famous beige-on-chestnut monogram.International recognition soon followed the winning of a Bronze Medal in the1867 World Fair and the winning of a further medal, this time Gold in the 1889 Paris World Fair.Following his death in 1892, his son Georges took the Company to new heights and, when copying became so intense, he was forced to design the distinctive Gucci Hat LV monogram, probably the first of what we today call "designer labels". The Company continued to prosper under Gaston-Louis, Georges son. Even today the Louis Vuiton name is synonimous with cutting edge flair and ultimate qualityThe Americas Cup Yacht race, famous throughout the sailing world, not least for the Louis Vuitton Cup race. The company began sponsorship of the Cup race in 1983.To Louis Celine Luggage Phantom Vuitton the highest quality is imperative and the company regularly rejects any product that does not meet its stringent quality control processes. Anything that fails is Armani Hat immediately destroyed. All in all this attitude for extreme quality introduced by the Founder, Louis Vuitton, is what has made the company one of the worlds most famous designers and producers of prestigious, luxury goods.


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