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earjerseyqq207 ([info]earjerseyqq207) wrote,
@ 2015-02-09 16:30:00

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David Beckham will not be kicking for your favorite NFL

David Beckham will not be kicking for your favorite NFL team

Imagine the media circus that was chi flat iron the Tim Tebow experiment with the New York Jets last season. Now picture that, except double it with an increased number of international reporters trying to attend practices, press conferences and generally disrupting other day to day activities during an NFL training camp. Even better, visualize this whole Cheap Hats scene going down because a team decided they wanted to take a shot on a 38 year old British former professional soccer player who has never kicked an American football in competition. newspaper The Mirror reports that an anonymous franchise scout contacted David Beckham sometime after the 2012 MLS Cup to gauge his interest in trying out as a kicker due to his ability to yes, bend kicks like Beckham. to make $500,000 while trying to unseat guys like Shaun Suisham. And there no way that any NFL team would bother irritating its entire coaching staff and roster over a kicker, even if he is one of the world most marketable athletes.

Even if Beckham somehow possesses the magical ability to make 70 yard field goals at a regular clip, there less of a chi flat iron official website chance Wholesale Hats of the global soccer icon becoming an NFL kicker than a 62 year old Tony Danza getting a real life tryout with the Eagles based on his role in the 1998 made for TV classicThe Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon.

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