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fisherr ([info]fisherr) wrote,
@ 2014-09-30 09:30:00

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north face borealis pool at the
Better than 3 stars often

This was our second stay at the resort derby, which love this hotel.It is located at the stop, and it is lovely at the end of a tiring day to step off the train and straight to the hotel.With that in mind, it is not you may imagine a station hotel to be the trains are quiet, the train stop is not noisy or ugly, and once in the resort you forget it is there at all!This a fabulous hotel for several reasons.One is the views in the balconies;I propose you booking a room facing the eiger as the view is great and these rooms are also slightly bigger.Also program a high floor, as there are a couple of buildings opposed to this of the road which would partially block the view from the lower floors.The other reason we love this hotel is the wonderful breakfasts.This may not be a typical 3 star breakfast, they have cheese and butter off their own mountain hut, big jars of homemade maintains, and a large choice of excellent breads which you freshly cut yourself.There is also the usual meats, yoghurts, fruit drinks, boiled ovum, super crops, top notch homemade muesli, and on one morning there was clearly homemade banana milk.Workers were attentive and the coffee and tea both excellent.But the truth is, on the first night we ate in their lovely outside small business area(Also open to the public)And it was so excellent we ate there 3 more times.The rooms are fine but not more luxuriously apppointed, although although they are clean and comfortable, well equipped and with taste furnished.The bathrooms are also functional not luxurious, and have been done in a demoralizing brown/green decor.Initially this makes it appear dated, but on closer check up it's been renovated to look like this!But it really was clean, which is the only goal.

We stayed in grindelwald six years ago at very good hotel and remembered the derby hotel as being welcoming when we had a drink there.So we booked one night and as it was a special occassion we choose a top-Quality room.The only superior much of this room was the view, that's fantastic, but all of those other experience was very poor.There were no coffee and tea facilities in tthe room.Apparently there will be something in the room directory which says you can request facilities but we didn't see this.We asked reception if this really is provided and we were given a kettle and tea bags.We had to ask for coffee and milk which was provided somewhat grudgingly.We were given one very thin low quality pillow each.I supposed to find additional pillows in the cupboard but no.Again we were forced to ask the reception staff for more pillows supplied but not with a smile.This room was by no http://www.interbars.co.uk/ means superior(Beauty treatments the view)In fact the centers were tired and frankly tatty.The balcony was dirty and the restroom had seen better days.Your bunk beds were uncomforable, very thin specific matress.Dinner was ok but quantity was certainly essential than quality!The bistro staff were very pleasant and the food was fairly good value.However in the morning was not good.The bread was stale since the coffee bitter.I have read the other reviews with surprise and may be we were unlucky.We also stayed in zurich and had a wonderful hotel costing a third less.Please shop around carefully before booking this hotel.I suspect it may be better in winter.But the prices are a rip off and the usual swiss pride in customer service network is not to be found at this hotel.

I had the pleasure of residing at hotel derby, grindelwald some years in the past.The college dorm we chose the superior room south eiger facing, a dual room, spacious with a brilliant balcony with views to the forest, kitchen goos, super hot and powerfrul baby warm soak. north face hoodie

We just returned from a week ski visit to grindelwald.Our house of five with three children had two rooms facing the eiger north face.Spectacular!One room was a standard double w/ balcony and simple.It is in the section that will not renovated as recently as some of the other rooms.If you desire luxury accommodations, i think you will be let down, but if you are looking at a very nice, well nestled, good hotel, with necessities, you could be pleased.Some other room, which our youngsters stayed in, was down the hall from your room.There are no connecting rooms here well, none available there is a family apartment on the top floor.The child room was a junior suite.It was hard to set things right, that is only the nature of the radiator.Very completing.The accommodation was full, my spouse and i, but there was no problem being seated.We did half snowblock.Thier food was good, not wonderful, but from a hard day of skiing, we had arrived hungry.Furthermore, we didn't go to europe for the food.The kids menu could use a lot more variety, but the al a carte had good swiss specialites.Half board was cheaper.You will absolutely stay here again.The spot is great, particularly if you are taking the train up to kleine scheidegg to ski/hike/sled.The ski room influences basement.Our routine was to go down after breakfest and carry them up(They do not want you bringing them up along with lobby, so you ought to walk out the back of the hotel and up a flight of stairs and around to the front it sounds like a lot of work, however it isn't, particularly if you are not in ski boots yet! )Simultaneously, we always left our skis in front when we returned at the end for the day, and put the offending articles after we had changed out of boots note:We never felt the desire to lock up the skis we left no one seems to.The hotel can be a very short walk 30 yds?Regarding the bus stops.Buses to numerous places(Bodmi ski professional training, first gondola, in addition to the mannlichen gondola)All obtain at this central stop.You possibly can walk to the gondola's, but keep away The North Face Sale UK from companies only do it if i was hiking, not facts.Oh yea, and if you want to sled, the hotel has quite sleds that they loan to guests.

The derby hotel in grindelwald is a regular superior hotel in an incomparably centrally location and home of familial hospitality.Situated direct at the train station the hotel derby offers the ideally departure point for all kinds of summer and snowboarding, and in some cases an excursion to the legendary jungfraujoch.Our 69 comfortable furnished rooms give the right atmosphere to relax.After an eventful day outside in the fresh alp air you are invited to relax in our sauna or solarium which are both free of charge or use the indoor swimming pool at the sports center in 300m walking distance, where you get free admission together north face rucksack guest card.The fragile bernese cuisine can be enjoyed in our la carte restaurant fhrenstube.

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