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haojinming ([info]haojinming) wrote,
@ 2014-01-24 14:51:00

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>michael kors taschen günstig mouldings
We've got a couple of rooms of dark stained trim, casing, and baseboards that we would prefer to paint white.I'm quite certain it is actually oak, i have not seen it to become sure at this time.It has already been taken off the walls so that must make it easier.What exactly is the most beneficial technique to prepare them for painting?

Really should we sand them first?Just a light sanding or need to we endeavor to take away much more in the stain?What grit will be ideal?We're organizing on using the finishing paint shown below, sherwin williams pro classic acrylic latex,

In case you should paint this stained wood, a light sanding with 4o steel wool or 320grit sandpaper need to be fine.All you're performing is roughing up the surface coat, normally poly, that will let the paint"Key"For the surface greater.

Be aware of the finish originally applied around the wood;Only poly will take a latex topcoat effectively, whilst on most other finishes like varnish or oilbased finishes, latex is not michael kors taschen günstig going to bond towards the surface correctly;It may peel easily, or even bead up when applied.If that is the case, roughing up the topcoat isn't adequate;You will have to sand off the topcoat to obtain to raw wood, and on a profiled wood piece like mouldings, this could be challenging or impossible.

Also be conscious of the type of wood;Particular woods are"Opengrain", and will absorb paint deeply into the structure on the wood, requiring numerous coats to"Fill"The wood and get a strong color on prime.Otherwise, the grain and any knots will home show through the final coat until you place 3 or four thick coats on.When you have to go down to bare wood on an opengrained wood, you have to seal the wood with a item that's compatible along with your paint base.

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