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jordanss ([info]jordanss) wrote,
@ 2014-03-04 10:27:00

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Pandora Silver Beads against bjd government till it is ousted
Orissa congress to hold rally on dec 14 to demand naveen patnaik's resignation

Orissa congress to hold rally on dec 14 to demand naveen patnaik's resignation

Damaging to intensify its campaign for ouster of bjd government in orissa over vedanta university row, congress plans to organise a rally here on december 14 to press for chief minister naveen patnaik resignation in the wake of high court verdict sell at a discount in the event that.

Giving the informatioin needed for the proposed rally, pradesh congress committee president kp singhdeo said the chief minister had lost all right to remain in office after the high court declared illegal the land purchase process for the proposed rs15, 000 crore vedanta or even Pandora Beads With Stones project.

Naveen patnaik should have resigned soon after the high court indicted the government and ordered return of the land acquired for the project in puri district to the owners, he explained.

Since patnaik was clinging on to his post instead of quitting for illegalities committed in land get process, congress will quickly mount a sustained agitation Pandora Silver Beads against bjd government till it is ousted, he explained.

As the main campaign, congress workers from parts of the http://www.hearingnotes.com/bracelets.html state would convene here on december 14 to take out a rally and stage demonstration near the state assembly and secretariat, singhdeo stated that.

Before the vedanta as well as college case, the bjd govt.Had earlier been indicted by the court in khandadhar mining lease case too, the pcc chief said adding the centre had rejected bauxite mining lease proposal at niyamgiri due to alleged irregularities committed by the state.

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