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linhuang123 ([info]linhuang123) wrote,
@ 2012-01-16 08:37:00

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hand them a bracelet that
Jewelry is more than just an accessory; it's a way to show off your own unique style and personality. In fact, it can very much be considered an art just as much as fashion can. It is really the frosting on the cake when it comes to fashion, after all. Not OPI Holiday Whishes only to the people who wear it, but to the designer, this is a vision brought to life to express who they are. This is why it is really the more rare artisans who make their own jewelry who should be at the forefront of the fashion world. Links of london jewellery no longer has to be something to run with the pack, you can now stand out and express yourself while knowing that in purchasing these pieces you are allowing someone else to continue creating the art they love. With a system like this everybody can win. You can choose to OPI 2010 Holiday Burlesque send personal messages with inspirational jewelry or send intimate messages to that special someone. Friends will enjoy the motivational words you send on a bracelet, pendant, ring, and so forth. The jewelry is designed to send messages to everyone including business associates. Business associates will have a smile on their face when you hand them a bracelet that says something unique, like, "Happy to work with a bookworm." You will be remembered for years to come by giving a special gift. Inspire yourself by buying a piece of inspirational jewelry. The Links Of London is designed for everyone, thus you may as well have something to inspire yourself as well. Send romantic messages to someone you love, or religious messages to fellow worshipers. One-word messages, affirmations and inspirational messages will go a long way with people you care OPI South Beach NLB74 about, or send family and friends messages that move the heart. "Just for fun" messages are another option that allows you to put smiles on someone's face. Available are message rings, pendants, bracelets and charms. You can send special messages on cuff Links Of London Bracelet or true love and heartfelt messages on cuff bracelets with your choice of face. It is easy to find the inspirational jewelry-all you have to do is shop by themes, which include mothers, couples, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc.

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2012-01-16 08:39 am UTC (link)
This article is very good. I like it so much. It is useful, keep working. good job, friends.
trx systems wholesale

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2012-03-13 04:47 am UTC (link)
Thanks everyone for all the oendwrful comments. You guys are AWESOME! Lawrence that is a great niche marketing idea with the younger 16-20 dude market. Not sure if my teenage daughter would approve of me saying dude or not but what the heck.@Ritzs Welcome to America :-) In regards to PYM II in the UK, I've already looked into this and it is not available anywhere in Britain (yet). However, I did some more digging for you regarding sourcing the product in the US. Donna and Doug Shepherd, the Owners/Manufacturers of the PYM product, told me that PYM is more commonly sold under a different label (CI Superseal) to the scrap booking niche. Here is what they emailed to me: Hi Cindy, I just wanted to send out a FYI to your followers about PYM II. They may not be aware that PYM II is also distributed under the CI SuperSeal label by Creative Imaginations. It is the exact same product. We have many calls asking if it is available in Michael's or Hobby Lobby and the answer is not yet. If they would like to see it there, they can put in a request to the stores. There is a picture on our of CI SuperSeal and a store locater. Hope this helps. Also, I wanted to say thank you to you and all of your followers that have shown such a great interest in PYM II we really appreciate it. Donna Doug Shepherd@Ritzs If you use the store locater feature at the PYM web site, you will see that there are 10 scrapbooking stores in the Chicago area where you can purchase the CI SuperSeal brand. One of them is bound to be close to where you are staying with your sister in law. If it is an issue to pack aerosol can's in your airline luggage for the trip back home to the UK, then you might want to ask at the store(s) about the non-aerosol version of the product. I know that Donna and Doug make a pump version for the PYM brand. It may be available in the CI Superseal brand as well.Below is a video from a scrapbooking lady demonstrating the CI Superseal (PYM II) product. It's kind of fun to show this because she talks about how the product can even help to make glitter not so messy. I just brought up the topic of glitter in today's post (see link by my name), so the timing is perfect :-).

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2012-03-13 10:50 am UTC (link)
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2012-03-15 11:20 am UTC (link)
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