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linhuang123 ([info]linhuang123) wrote,
@ 2012-01-29 08:32:00

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another design that
In 1990, Links of London grew out of a single request for a pair of fish cufflinks for a local restaurateur who sought out a special gift for regular clients. Since that time, the prestigious English brand has prospered with a range of sterling silver and 18-carat gold jewellery that attracts significant attention in shops and boutiques far from home.
The Links brand is known for personalised items like charms, rings, bracelets, and OPI Holiday Whishes earrings that are fancy and casual all at once. The most identifiable item in their extensive collection is the sweetie bracelet, a unique bracelet that incorporates charms or is sometimes worn by itself. The design is almost exclusive to Links of London, and is by far their most popular piece of jewellery. The friendship bracelet is another design that is well OPI British Collection known from this brand name. The company also carries a collection of designer watches, including those that are styled in unison with the sweetie bracelet for truly unique timepieces. Other aspects of their business include a selection of corporate gifts as well as jewellery, miniature figurines, and gifts for children and babies. Finally, there is also a range of corporate gifts that Links of London offers, from picture frames and billfolds to jewellery boxes and alarm clocks.Like another favorite son of OPI South Beach NLB74 casual sterling silver jewellery in Europe, the much-acclaimed Thomas Sabo, Links of London appeals to younger generations with specific tastes. The sweetie and friendship bracelets are best sellers because of their highly personal nature in defining each person's unique preferences and styles. The company has gone through significant changes in its short history. CEO Andrew Marshall has restored the firm's vitality in the marketplace after a difficult period in the first decade of the 21st Century. There had been much speculation about the company's future since 2004, when then chairman John Ayton pondered whether the business should be sold or restructured.

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