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macmakeup ([info]macmakeup) wrote,
@ 2012-02-16 10:44:00

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it can be difficult to not want to try out the latest products
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2012-03-13 05:16 am UTC (link)
Well I only just checked your sesponre and it is 2 hours after I first dyed my own eyebrows using Just for Men beard colour! I actually bought natural medium brown which was the second lightest colour on the shelf, but I washed it off after 4 minutes instead of 5. I am so happy with the result! It looks just it does when I get it done at the salon, and the product cost less than one visit!I have my own tricky technique of waxing my own brows as well, which involves using my Model Co brow stencils and those little facial wax strips you buy at the supermarket. You draw on the shape, then pull them apart voila! matching eyebrows. I feel so very DIY now. I can't wait to get hold of my daughter.

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2012-03-13 11:01 am UTC (link)
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