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macmakeup ([info]macmakeup) wrote,
@ 2012-02-17 09:04:00

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The time it takes to fade depends on how often you wash your hair and the product you use
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2012-03-12 09:28 pm UTC (link)
u sound alot like me .heres what i do and i look pretty okay (at least i hope i do)1.nailpolish-any color bcalsaily looks good..NEON is really cool though..unless u like a toned-down look more, try a pale pink color but i like extreme colors like neon greens and pearl white and black and anything fun bcalsaily2.eyes-stick to black eyeliner and mascara.eyeshadow colors like purples,pinks,gray (especially) looks great metallic color gives ur face a sexier look too

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2012-03-13 10:31 am UTC (link)
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