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maternitydresse ([info]maternitydresse) wrote,
@ 2014-03-24 09:33:00

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Cheap Wedding Party Dresses UK two were set to be married may
Elvis wedding las vegas

Elvis and priscilla were married may 1, 1967, nearly eight years after their courtship began.The wedding was private, and it was held at the alladin hotel in las vegas, nevada.

Priscilla wore a beaded white gown and Cheap Prom Dresses a veil.The veil was attached to her hair, which wasStyled in the popular"Beehive"Style.The veil was three feet long.Her hair was dyed black.On top of her hair sat a rhinestone crown.Elvis wore a black dinner suit that fit him quite well.Elvis had two best men, marty lacker and joe esposito.Priscilla's maid of honor was her sister michelle.Elvis was thirtytwo years old and priscilla was twentyone years old.

The ceremony was in the morning and lasted around eight.Minutes.At the ceremony there was a small amount of guests.The ceremony was followed by a press conference.At the conclusion of the press conference, a breakfast reception was held.There were 100 guests in attendance for the reception.The cake was sixtiered.Their first dance as husband and wife was to the song"Love me tender. "

After the wedding, the two left to honeymoon in palm springs, california to vacation for a few days.They stayed at 1350 ladera circle in a grand home.The location is now available for tours.You can even use it for your own honeymoon or wedding.Upon their arrival elvis showed his romantic side by picking up priscilla and carrying her over the threshold.While doing so, he sang"The hawaiian wedding song. "

The home that elvis honeymooned at was leased by him for a year.Elvis' manager tom parker lived in the area and made the suggestion for elvis to honeymoon here, because he thought it would be the perfect place for him to relax and enjoy the company of friends.

Famous hollywood gossip columnist rona barrett lived nearby and became suspicious of a wedding when many family members arrived Cheap Wedding Party Dresses UK in palm springs on april 29, 1967.Rona made contact with the house maid and she was able to get confirmation that the two were set to be married may 1, 1967.She made an announcement on her nightly television show that the two were prepared to be married.

The two planned on having their wedding at the estate in palm springs.However, the media onslaught forced them to change their plans.The morning of the wedding, the two had to sneak out the back door of their estate and meet up with a limo on rose avenue.Upon arrival to rose avenue, there were limousines prepared to drive them and the wedding party Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses UK to the airport.The two had arrived and already obtained their marriage license.At the alladin hotel in the owner's suite.On the same day, the couple left for their honeymoon, back in palm springs, california.Another point of interest is the fact that lisa marie, the first daughter of elvis and priscilla was born exactly nine months after the date of the honeymoon.

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