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melocurtains111 ([info]melocurtains111) wrote,
@ 2015-08-11 14:38:00

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Features of ceiling lights

Ceiling lights would be with rectangular ceiling lights, round ceiling lights, plain ceiling lights and so on. Ceiling lights are proper for living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, at the same time, that could be installed in the ceiling, which could be convenient and simple, which makes room bright.

Tiffany Style Lamps

Inside the shade of Tiffany Style Lamps of ceiling lights, there is ballast and tube, at the same time, there are

inductive ballast and electronic ballast, the electronic ballast would improve the light and system, that could be operated immediately, which could enlarge the life of light. At the same time, it is without noise and weight, at the same time, power could be reduced to electronic ballast, so the customers would choose electronic ballast ceiling lights.

Tiffany Style Lamps

There are halogen powder and three color powder, the three color powder is obvious in color and keeps it long, the halogen powder lamp would be with the low bright. If you want to tell the difference between halogen and three color, we could light the tube, we also could put the hand beside the tube, then we could find the bright and true color, that could be close to the skin color. Ceiling lights could be with switch or not be with switch, if you choose the ceiling lights with switch, that is convenient and proper for bedroom. Material of ceiling lights could be plastic and glass.

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