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pandoraukuk ([info]pandoraukuk) wrote,
@ 2014-02-24 09:44:00

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Cheap Wedding Party Dresses UK she may appreciate a book
Best cheap christmas gifts for women

The following are a few suggestions which may spark your thinking.

Most women like to have pretty hands and a voucher for a manicure will make her feel special and relaxed.Scented candles are a lovely gift and their perfume will make her think of you.Many women like to use scented candles when taking a nice relaxing bath.

If you know what products she uses, what about make up and/or miniature bottles of perfumes, and/or a little makeup mirror, suitable for carrying in her handbag, or purse.Most women carry a mobile telephone these days, so maybe a snazzy mobile 'phone cover will fit the bill.

A cd of her favourite music, it could be one that you have recorded yourself.She will Prom Dresses 2014 be pleased that you thought to make it especially for her.

If she is a tea or coffee drinker, put together a decorated box, or basket, of specialty tea or coffee.The teas, or coffees, need not be huge packets and could be bought from any large supermarket;Most have a good selection these days.You could add a pretty fine china mug, or cup and saucer, to the box if you wished.

Chocolates, but not the everyday kinds, go to a specialist chocolate shop and select the flavours she will enjoy.A specialist chocolatier's shop will wrap the chocolates in a pretty gift box for you.

If she has long hair, she will appreciate some pretty hair ornaments and some little bottles of luxury shampoo and conditioner, put these into a decorated basket, or box.

Bath products have gone out of gift giving fashion in recent years but many women will still enjoy a really nice box, or basket, of nice bath products.Women, especially family women, usually buy only the very cheap ones for themselves.This will be particularly effective if you also enclose a hand made voucher offering to look after the kids, or make a meal, or do housework or ironing whilst she is taking that long leisurely bath using those nice products.

Some, but not all, women will fcsc appreciate a tiny teddy bear or soft toy.

If she enjoys reading she may appreciate a book, book token or a subscription to a favourite magazine, perhaps a magazine to do with Cheap Wedding Party Dresses UK her hobby.

A thoughtful gift need not cost much money but does need thinking about.Do not leave thinking about the gift until christmas eve, organize yourself so that you have plenty of time to observe and consider what the intended recipient of your gift may like.

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2014-08-05 10:28 pm UTC (link)
OFYkyE I truly appreciate this blog. Will read on...

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