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pandoraukuk ([info]pandoraukuk) wrote,
@ 2014-02-26 09:27:00

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Pandora Dangles Charmsbetween the two teams based upon
Four held for cricket betting Pandora Beads UK

Four held for cricket betting

The accused were doubling up as punters setting bets for junior agents.The cops revealed that since february, 58 men had been arrested for being needed for betting and a total of rs 29.19 crore had been seen to be at stake.

"A good many arrested are graduates and are into assorted businesses like property dealing, iron smelting and travelling business.Others are either it trained consultants or students.Almost all are first timers, rumoured ashok chand, dcp(Transgression).

The betting gang was busted at budh vihar on monday inside cricket match at ferozshah kotla ground. "We have arrested four men often known as deepak mukhija(39), Punit Madan(29), Pramod Jain(44)But also sunil kumar(33).Mukhija, madan and kumar are property dealers in rani bagh while jain runs a sports goods centre in similarly area, chand known.Two lap tops, a television set and 27 mobile phones were recovered amongst other things.

"That macnewbie were there received bets to the tune of rs 1.35 crore, Mentioned Chand.The rate of the odds between the two teams based upon outside india and on the basis of that, bets were taken through the match.

"Marriage ceremony match is over, profit and losses are calculated by a closely generated software known as 'back 'n' lay pro'.The rates keep fluctuating with late wickets and runs scored.The cell phones are used for getting the rates of the odds on the match and for taking bets from the punters.It facility on the mobile phone is used for keeping records of the bets placed by the punters.One set of mobile phones is specifically used for receiving the rates of betting that fluctuates ball by ball, chand rumoured. Pandora Dangles Charms

In addition to the receiving rates on telephone, they also get the rates on the internet for which they use data cards.The data for betting is also taken care of manually on notebooks as a backup.

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