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pandoraukuk ([info]pandoraukuk) wrote,
@ 2014-03-10 09:53:00

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Blunder 'will not change budget'

The government tms discovery that it is 3.6bn better off following an accounting blunder will make no difference to the Budget, the Minister for Finance has said.

Michael noonan said that while the money means the country tms debt is lower in percentage terms, the lump sum has no bearing on money coming in or money going out.

We are now more sustainable because the debt is lower, he told rte.But it makes no difference to money in and money out, or budgetary matters.

The government is hoping to secure anything from 3.6bn to 4bn in the Budget on December 6.

Opposition tds called for taoiseach enda kenny to announce a review of the government tms approach to the budget.

Sinn fin tms mary lou mcdonald said it will no longer need to make 3.6bn of cuts to meet the fcsc EU/IMF target.

But mr noonan ruled that out.

The 3.6bn in question was lent by the National Treasury Management Agency and the Housing Finance Agency, but both agencies recorded the sum as money owed, essentially doubling Cheap Prom Dresses the debt.

Mr noonan said he was working towards putting measures in place to prevent such a blunder from happening again.

He said his focus was to implement a system that would ensure the right checks and balances are in place.

The mistake was in calculating the overall government debt, he went on.What it does for us is it reduces the amount of the overall government debt in real terms, in percentage terms.Once per day, no spam.

Most read in ireland

Remains found in dublin mountains identified as missing womanskeletal remains found in mountains near dublin have been identified as elaine o who had been missing for over a year.

Public warned about 'garda locking computer' scama cybercrime scam which fraudulently uses the logo for an garda sochna to con money has become one of the largest and most sophisticated of its kind, it has been claimed.

Peru drugs girl 'will plead guilty'the family of one of two women arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle cocaine worth 1.7m out of Peru have said she will plead guilty to"Play the game"And avoid a heftier sentence.

Taoiseach:Budget 'going to be tough'next month budget will be tough http://www.fcsc.co.uk/special-occasion-dresses/dresses-for-weddings.html even if the muchdisputed adjustment is less than the planned 3.1bn, Taoiseach Enda Kenny says.

Ireland earns top surfing accoladea headland on the west coast of ireland has been named by a travel bible as one of the best surfing spots in the world.

Australian man jailed for 18 years for murder of irish backpackeran australian man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder of an irish backpacker in melbourne.

Farmhouse burgled two days after pair found deada rural farmhouse where two men died in a suspected murdersuicide has been burgled two days after the fatal shootings, police said.

Australian sentenced to 18 years for murder of irish backpackeran australian man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder of an irish backpackerdublin man david greene in melbourne last year.

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