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qianqianwen ([info]qianqianwen) wrote,
@ 2014-03-11 09:39:00

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The christian louboutin chaussures femme party
Ashley (More Here) greene

Glamour magazine and louis vuitton threw a rooftop terrace party for the magazine's may issue.The christian louboutin chaussures femme party was held on april 25th, at the label's rodeo drive boutique.The embellished, plunging neckline dress may have had a longer hemline, but the length suited emma perfectly.A bit of bright color came courtesy of her striped clutch.Treggings, a word that most likely came from the same place where the word jeggings was first uttered.A colorful louis vuitton clutch, and lovely red lip color completed her look.

It was miral actress freida pinto who came to the party in an unexpected outfit.Freida, who wears chic dresses beautifully, opted for a onepiece number.She wore her longsleeved, white collar, shorts jumpsuit with black peeptoes and a black clutch.Even in shorts, it christian louboutin platforms sale seemed too heavy and constricted for a spring party.

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