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qianqianwen ([info]qianqianwen) wrote,
@ 2014-03-11 09:45:00

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use modern beats by dre online store uk communication
Latest news stories special christian news articles

Sc decries forceful religious drehdphones conversions

By cnnibn

New delhi:The supreme court, while upholding life imprisonment for dara singh and mahendra hembram, main accused in the killing of australian missionary graham staines and his two sons in orissa's koenjhar district in january 1999, also came down heavily on christian missionaries for indulging in forceful conversions.The bench of justices p sathasivam and bs chauhan observed that there cannot be any justification for interference in someone's belief while.

Europe:Christians ignored in school diary

By press trust of india

London:The european commission has brought out more than 3 million copies of a school diary that includes festivities of hindus, sikhs, muslims and jews but contains no reference to christmas, angering the christian community.More than 330, 000 copies of the diaries, costing 4.7 million pounds to produce and are accompanied by 51 pages of information about the EU, have been delivered to British schools as a Christmas gift to.

Pope takes biggest step to revive christianity

By associated press

Vatican city:Pope benedict xvi on tuesday outlined his most tangible initiative yet to try to revive christianity, creating a vatican office for reevangelising europe and other traditionally christian regions where faith is falling by the wayside.In an official decree, benedict said the new office would work with bishops to promote church doctrine, use modern beats by dre online store uk communication methods to get the church's message out and mobilise missionarytype activities using members.

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