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qianqianwen ([info]qianqianwen) wrote,
@ 2014-03-17 08:46:00

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haptoglobin were beats by dre sale uk measured by nephelometry
Alpha production and inflammatory activity in crohn's patients with fistulizing disease

Tnf 308a promoter polymorphism is associated with enhanced tnf production and inflammatory activity in drdrebtshdphones crohn's patients with fistulizing disease

Segundo gonz md, phd1, luis rodrigo md2, jes mart bs3, antonio l md3, dolores fuentes md2, pilar ni md2, valle cadah md2, cristina saro md4, m angeles dieguez md3 and carlos l phd3received 12 june 2002;Accepted 30 october 2002.

Top of pageabstractobjective:Tumor necrosis factor(Tnf)Plays a key role in the inflammatory response and pathogenesis of crohn's disease(Cd).Tnf 308a polymorphism within the tnf gene promoter has been associated with enhanced tnf production in vitro.The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of tnf promoter polymorphism at 308 on the susceptibility and phenotypic expression of fistulizing cd.

Methods:The distribution of 308 tnf genotypes was analyzed in 50 patients with fistulizing cd and 100 healthy matched controls.Tnf, interleukin1, and interleukin6 serum levels were measured by elisa.Serum amyloida, creactive protein, 1antitrypsin, 1acid glycoprotein, and haptoglobin were beats by dre sale uk measured by nephelometry.

Results:No significant differences were found in the allele frequencies of beats by dre outlet the polymorphism between patients and controls.However, compared with 308gg patients, those carrying 308ag had a significant increase of serum levels of tnf(58 79 vs 8 19 pg/ml, p(3645vs 16 20 pg/ml, p = 0.048), and acute phase proteins(Apps).308A carriers had also a higher frequency of arthritis(66% vs 26%, p = 0.039).The logistic regression model showed that the patients carrying 308a polymorphism had a relative risk for developing arthritis of 5.45(95% CI = 1.1 No other clinical or analytical findings were predictive for the risk of development of arthritis.

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