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ragusa ([info]ragusa) wrote,
@ 2014-04-03 10:42:00

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Paul Smith Womens Sale the future but they
A boxing shame

The sky sports boxing expert was unimpressed by deciding of the two british fighters to announce a bout at upton park on july 14, which has been commissioned by the Cheap Paul Smith Sale luxembourg boxing federation.

Haye chisora:Will clash working london

The two heavyweights famously brawled at a press convention in munich in february after chisora had lost a world title fight with wbc champion vitali klitschko.

And glenn told sky sports news that they should struggle to settle their differences in a boxing ring.

I am very unhappy that the whole affair is coming up again.I hope that the boxing board of control will have something to say of this.

It brings the whole sport of boxing into disrepute and the message it send out is that it is okay to do ideal.

You can get a licence far away but they are still talking about the fight taking place in this country.You would think that if that was the case then you would need to have british officials involved.I will become to see what the british boxing board of control will say about that.

I have nothing against the guys having a fight this is not worse things that have happened in the past people like mike tyson got his licence after being in jail.

We do know that people can make some mistakes and make poor choices.There should be forgiveness and second chances to allow people to put their careers back on track it is exactly what i would have liked to have seen, not promote what was a tragedy in germany.

This is just a disregard for the rules you must have rules in boxing.It is the noble art and i and many love it.This is also the olympic year and you should be flying the flag for world sport.

We need things done right and see everything done with pride.Any scenario that is condoning a bar room brawl is not flying the flag for british sport.

The last time these two gathered it was with some legs www.5jx.co.uk of a camera and a bottle.This was a disgrace.I choose to see them both get their careers back on track but it is no good doing it this way

I would have loved to have seen dereck chisora get his licence back by going to some youth clubs and just showing some 5jx Paul remorse for what he did the same for david haye.

I know them both Paul Smith Womens Sale and they are great with me and i wish them both the best for the future but they have to do things the right way.Going round the homes is never good.

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