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ralphla ([info]ralphla) wrote,
@ 2014-03-18 10:42:00

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Pandora Jewelry home clients looking for answers
6 Billion assessment

The valuations some of these are getting are simply mind boggling, you think we over the internet bubble 2.

I guess zillow can now use its stock currency to make purchases in this space and increase its product offerings and audience.It not easy to become the 1 industry destination in few short years but it managed by some top industry veterans.

I not sure by you mean with impact on site like this joshua, what type of plans are you experiencing?I not trying to put you at that moment, but let say you get greeted by someone like zillow, do you really sell it now?I used zillow and i found fact and expertise on this site to be much more specialized, better, and the communal feeling is much greater.I would say you have more that is similar to linkedin than zillow but i could be wrong.Zillow traffic is mainly coming from Pandora Jewelry home clients looking for answers and solutions.I realize they have somewhat active guru community, but i don think it the main appealing point.

I do think the long run is bright for this site, it well managed and publicized, you are developing a social"Executive"Community and with due time you should be successful.The site and this community is the your immediate future, so it only a matter of execution and making the right connections/moves.

As i publicized in g+, the difficulties are around their platform, which is not extensible.I saw going public with a base company, that would use the money raised by z ipo in order to produce / deploy other niches.Unfortunately, it was a single product ipo of zillow, and not for a mom company.

Here the things i said on g+:

Google was productive when they went public, people had a better platform for expansion, which might clearly seen now.

P can spread out much, it a genomic based media console.

Linkedin can expand much having to break it"Executive"State.

Zillow has seen traffic sky rocket because of people buying crazy deals, wondering if their house values are dropping, or people who consider their primary residence as their primary investment.Now as the diet rent, and a smaller amount of own, this discover how to"How many hours of its worth"Lowers, and when the housing business isn one of the top news items, will it still attract only one amount today?

The distinction between google and the above is niche and expand ability.We are on google+ placing comments not on pandora+, linkedin+ or zillow+ better?

I no warren self serve smorgasboard, but i made a quality(And deficient)Trading possibilities in my time.I had, on the contrary, recently shifted some of that money into marketplace(Primary household and 2 duplexes).

Here some lively stats of them:Initially posted by ben kevan:As i written in g+, the difficulties are around their platform, which is not a expanable.I saw going public with a base company, that would use the money raised by z ipo to progress / deploy other niches.In addition, this has been a single product ipo of zillow, and not for a father or mother company.

Zillow has a $1 billion of forex trading now, i wouldn dismiss them as a single thing.They exploring the future of real estate marketplace, i can almost bet you they be making acquisitions in the space to create some sort of option mls system.That the location where money is, think ebay or craigslist for property.The company is run by top industry veterans so there a lot of talent on the top bar.I can see them acquiring fsbo or technology to build such like.There are brands like trulia that would make a good fit with zillow.Although i think zillow valuation is absurd based on their current revenues and income, i do think they have a high probability of succeeding, consider it, this space hasn seen as well as the innovation and game changers as we seen in other industries or media.

As i wondered joshua question a bit more, i think Zillow will have a positive impact on this industry and this space usually.It gives sites like this more authenticity and viability.I bet you the more developed companies in this space are already talking to funding your company and will be dropping the"Zillow"Name very often, those Jewelry:http://www.fachphoto.com/ vc who may not have considered this space as viable or potentially lucrative a few years ago will pause and think about the next big thing.

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