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tiffanzsy ([info]tiffanzsy) wrote,
@ 2014-03-24 11:04:00

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Tiffany Keys On Sale i do not know
Tiffany evans hits the spotlight kowz Keys UK Tiffany Earrings UK with sophomore cd monica mania

R artist tiffany evans checked in with fans via her official myspace profile on saturday(4th July, 2009)With the following message: - "Hey loves, what's up?Happy 4th!I hope all is well.As you know before the weekend hit one of the records that i have recorded from my upcoming album, just got leaked, somehow, someway, Tiffany Keys On Sale i do not know.But it has been getting a lot of great feedback, so that's a good thing.I must say that i'm taking a different route in music, and i'm kinda switching things up a bit. "Spotlight"Is not a record that showcases my vocals, and honestly i wanted to try something different, because i know you guys are so used me busting the windows, but i figured that we needed some records that are just gonna let me have fun Tiffany Bangles Sale and not even have to really sing for real.But trust and believe me when i tell you i do have some songs where i am going all out with the vocals.Ha ha!So don't think i'm neglecting my true gift, i'm not.I just wanna experiment and give everybody a taste of the new me.I'm excited, you should be as well because it's about to go crazy.Hold on tight.And another thing,"Spotlight"Is not a single, it just got leaked.Thanks to brian kennedy and chase j.This is just the tip of the iceberg of what i'm about to do.Get ready cuz i'm coming! "

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