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xiaofeng01 ([info]xiaofeng01) wrote,
@ 2014-04-01 10:02:00

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giant jersey
German team for the World Cup this year launched the second national team jersey is now selling hot in Rio de Janeiro , some of the stores have been out of stock , it is because they draw the most fans of Flamengo , Brazil 's style red and black uniforms .
Inside a mall in the city of Rio North , and within two hours of red and black uniforms shelves in Germany after it was Eric Decker Game Jersey sold out , many fans see their friends and family notice immediately on the new goods , but hearing the rush people can only come empty-handed, because then jersey has a no left.
The jersey adult models priced at 199.9 reais (U.S. $ 88.48 ) , a children's section 179.9 reais (U.S. $ 79.62 ) , and the big clubs in Brazil jerseys similar price . 21 -year-old Brazilian student Junior this week has been to three stores to find this shirt , but were told already sold out , but he did not give up, going to the mall the other weekend to try his luck again .
Germany jersey sales in Brazil so that manufacturers Adidas jersey surprised , apparently this time they get a great design uniforms for the German team success strategy . Adidas football club manager in charge of the Brazilian Spa , said: " The success took us by surprise jersey , we once again D.J. Augustin Black Jersey feel the passion of Brazil Rossoneri club Flamengo this market strategy is a step in the internationalization of the brand , this . time experience for all terms are successful . "
Maracana Stadium in some games , it has been able to see a lot of people in the stands wearing a German team New Jersey . Brazilian media that this is a wonderful strategy to make Brazilian fans stood in one of the German team . Flamengo has 40 million fans , so the sales potential is still huge . If the last Brazil and Germany into the final, Maracana stadium will also have many dressed in red and black German team jersey fans do ?
Following the continued success of the AFC Champions and Super League opener after their first victory in today's Super League second round , Guangzhou Hengda championship show its impeccable performance again to beat the score of 4:1 Harbin Yi Teng . Scene in the game , and equally impressive Hengda excellent , as well as on the court to start the giant Hengda jersey. It is reported that these two eye-catching jersey is the world's leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand Chhnang Hengda and specially customized for the cheer , and through a series of activities online and offline , collected signatures from hundreds of thousands of fans and blessing . Today, fans of http://www.nflbroncosofficial.com/SUPER-BOWL-KARL-MECKLENBURG-JERSEY this blessing loaded with live giant jersey along with tens of thousands of fans at the Tianhe Sports Center, home to a constant mass of soldiers help achieve better results .
As an official partner of Hengda , unveiling the countdown in the Super Chhnang occasion , carried out a series of interactive activities online and offline , with its strong brand appeal , causing the majority of consumer groups and users as Evergrande Football Club fans huge cheer craze . Online cheering on line five days that attracted the active participation of more than 500,000 users. The fans of these two full blessing of the giant jersey is Chhnang Hengda series of activities to join the fans cheer the biggest bright spot . It is reported that on March 2 the day of the opening ceremony , Hengda player Sun Xiang , FengRenLiang , Rene took the lead on the shirt left their signatures and determination. Subsequently , hundreds of fans came to the consumer event, write down their wishes and hopes for Hengda on jerseys. In today's game, Hengda http://www.officialwarriors.com/Authentic-Jarrett-Jack-Jersey soldiers did not live up to the expectations of the fans , with a smooth fit again for the dedication of the fans exciting game . In this regard, the concept of race came to the scene of cheering fans Chhnang also very excited students from Lee University City , said: " These two giant jersey very impressive, very eye-catching , I believe the team filled with fans see this blessing jersey , will feel encouraged , morale passionate . "

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