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zengzhipeng ([info]zengzhipeng) wrote,
@ 2012-01-12 08:53:00

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Huge letters on a wall
An athletic store may not qualify as a third place but there is currently little of Nike’s famous swoosh logo adorning local stores, something the retailer has been looking to change. There are no Nike or Niketown stores inOPI Nail Polish D. C., Maryland or Virginia, although Nike has factory stores in Leesburg, in Anne Arundel County and Woodbridge.
Nike representatives met with D. C. officials at the annual retail convention of the International Council of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas last spring to express their interest in opening more D. C. stores.OPI Nail Polish Wholesale In October, D. C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown expressed frustration that Howard University had not yet agreed to open a Nike Store in its planned Howard Town Center project, whose developers have yet to announce financing or tenant information
Until this year, only separate divisions of Nike sports have had Twitter accounts -- from soccer, to baseball, to football, to tennis and golf. The handle @Nike marks the first time the company has had a voice tweeting on behalf of the entire company.
"We're now expanding the dialogue even more with the @Nike Twitter account to further deepen our relationships with athletes of all levels, in all sports, worldwide, " the company said in a statement.
Several people in a New York City office are responding to Twitter followers, based on a video shot of the crew by a Nike communications staff member. Huge letters on a wall saying, "Make It Count, " surround perhaps a dozen or so people sitting at keyboards.
The Twitter handle @Nike launched Dec. 29 with one tweet: If You Have A Body, You Are An Athlete. -Bill Bowerman, Cheap OPI Nail Polishthe saying made famous by the Nike co-founder and former University of Oregon track coach.
Since that introductory tweet, the 700 or subsequent tweets make it clear the responders may be sitting in a thumbs-to-forefinger Zen pose, interrupted only to flick an inspiring message about physical fitness -- 140 characters or less. Some sample replies to Twitter followers:

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