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zwxjzx9156 ([info]zwxjzx9156) wrote,
@ 2013-11-17 18:52:00

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r confidence will grow fast Looking ahead into 20
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Deglaze with wine. Add stock and strained marinade. Add nutmeg and cayenne pepper. The other thing we have been doing the last few years is taking physics and chemistry and building some more technology platforms. So the three of them are and you happen to note that they all say proppant delivered. And what we are doing is delivering technology applications to the frac via the proppant, and we have IP protection around that delivery, the porous proppant that we have patent on, but if you can liken it to the medical industry, how they've tried to find better ways to get chemo into attack cancer cells, let's say, we are finding a better way to deliver products and technology into the frac rather than, let's say, pump them into fracturing fluids or something like that or squeeze them in later.

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